WordPress v. Blogger

Evaluating weblog platforms.

Actually, I was signed into Google Reader and thought the gray bar across the top was WordPress, so there I was on Blogger an hour later…. with another blog, and another other blog (JohnScout), and now another other blog (JohnScout 2.0). Talk about a time sink! With so much clutter across the big wide web, the variety of options can be overwhelming.

  • Basic tools–platforms, widgets, wedgies & wonderbar
  • Presentation–style; does form follow function? go encyclopedic (everything and the kitchen sink) or zen simplicity.
  • Purpose–and of course this last should be first. It’s the “so what?” question. What is my purpose in undertaking this task? By what results will we judge success?? What time is lunch???

The point is, I’m going to run a few tests, drink some coffee, do some real work, and come back and see who does what when.  So far WordPress is in the lead…

ciao chow,

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3 Responses to WordPress v. Blogger

  1. JC says:

    Today’s WP v Blogger update: Cross-posted Broadband post. Composed it on WP. I prefer the WP dashboard for composition. It seems a bit larger window. Mostly it’s the design that caught my attention today. Blogger is kinda clunky, like using MySpace. WP has cleaner lines, more like last.fm used to be before their redesign reduced composition windows to txt msg.

    I have another project that could be more graphic intensive, maybe sound/video. Maybe tonight after the dishes (no rest for the weary).

  2. John Shepard says:

    Here’s another [edited] comment to test the Comment feature.

  3. JC says:

    Today’s report: Blogger’s small editing window is annoying. It kept putting in extra line breaks in wysiwyg. However, it took embedded HTML non-standard video (from Turner Classic Movies). Score 1 for Blogger.

    WordPress is much better for editing, tho I still feel better editing in Word and copying over. WP hung up on me a couple times trying to link to pic by url, and major #fail on non-standard video.

    Now, I’m sure that a ProBlogger knows how to do these things. That ain’t me. I just want to use the tool and learn as I go. I’m a guy–I don’t read the directions until I absolutely have to.

    Late for dinner. again.

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