your bias for dealing with change

Speaking of Change… there are three schools of thought on handling this economic “sea of change”…

  • The academic approach will struggle to apply logic to the circumstance and forecast the end (Confusionism).
  • The creative and/or artistic approach seeks to make peace with the current situation, waiting patiently for resolution (Buddhism).
  • Or finally, the pragmatist will realign interests with the flow and current of the time (Taoism).

While you might not be a fan of eastern religions, one of these three orientations describes your bias for dealing with change. Based on our informal polling, it seems we have a lot of budding Buddists in economic development. The majority of economic development marketers I talk to are returning to the basics and hoping a 10-15% decrease in revenue will be the extent of the pain. In other words, they plan to wait it out. Personally, I believe this approach in this situation – an extended economic downturn – could be fraught with professional risk in a business known for its skewed metrics: “what have you done for me lately?”

Philisophical perspective, Kevin Stuart, Blane, Canada Ltd.

Three guesses which is my bias? Think logically.

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