Microblog for 2009-03-11

  • Post- Mapping Minnesota: Minnesota Historical Society video on new exhibit of historical maps, including 17.. http://tinyurl.com/byfgsb #
  • RT @douglasbass: Do friends let friends sell their tweets to Magpie? (Not if they want a Follow) #
  • @LatterDay_Scout Some of the Professionals on that Scouting Ideafactory scare me. Do these people ever get out from behind a desk? in reply to LatterDay_Scout #
  • RT @jackschultz: Congress.. to introduce bill to do away with secret ballots for union elections. What is the next right they do away with? #
  • RT @JohnEnsign: Voted no on $400 billion spending bill.. it includes too much wasteful spending. Congress is only one not cutting budgets. #
  • The New F***ing Citibank Commercial (Adult Language, yet rings true) http://is.gd/mOpA #
  • RT @FargoMoorhead: RT @hoppygilmore: NDSU Bison going to NCAA men’s tournament in first year of eligibility! #
  • Remember the joy of hearing “Sleep in, it’s a snow day?” Our kids are happy tonight, for tomorrow once again is. #
  • RT @Orrin_Woodward: Postmodern answer to the question, “Do you think ignorance or apathy is killing America?”-I don’t know and I don’t care. #
  • @LatterDay_Scout ‘Why so hard to get people to help?’ I smell a blog post here… My generation used to “professionals” doing all the work. in reply to LatterDay_Scout #
  • @lgoddard Last week I was 1/2 hour early. This week I’m 1/2 hour late. At work same Standard Time, practicing #DST civil disobedience. in reply to lgoddard #
  • NoDak Tweeple: RT @USGS: What are the realistic chances to retrieve oil and gas from the Bakken Formation? http://tinyurl.com/bf9r8c #
  • Bakken Formation (Williston Basin ND/MT) assessed as LARGEST Oil Field in Lower 48, ptl 3.65 BILLION barrels. #TCOT #
  • Geology would have been a MUCH more useful class in College. But Physics had Star Trek sex appeal. #
  • RT @JesseNewhart: Blogging vs Twitter: http://bit.ly/oI2X8 by @ProBlogger #
  • RT @IncMagazine: Girl Scout Entrepreneurship http://tinyurl.com/b79bcx #scouts #
  • Fast Company welcomes Mad Max to Foreclosed Suburbia: http://is.gd/mTmw #

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