Chicago-Best City in the World?

Today is opening day of Major League Baseball’s regular season.  I would normally argue there is no place I would rather be today than that worst seat available in any park in the league.


As as ESPN reports, Mother Nature had a different idea today:

The Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox both had their openers postponed because of inclement weather in the local forecasts.

The Red Sox postponed their home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays because of the prospect of heavy rain and high winds.

And the season opener between the Kansas City Royals and White Sox scheduled for Monday has been postponed because snow is in the forecast.

Other than an early spring blizzard, baseball is meant to be played outdoors.  The Minnesota Twins are building a new stadium, due to be open a year from now, and it will be open to God and all the elements, as is intended by natural law.

Some folks at a web site based in India have the idea that Chicago may be the best city in the world.  I’m inclined to agree with them, as large metropolitan cities have it, yet not for the reasons cited.  Forget the Art Institute and BluesFest.  Forget deep dish pizza, Italian beef and Chicago-style hot dogs.  Forget everything you thought mattered about the Windy City.

See, today, Chicago is one of the few cities anywhere with two Major League Baseball Clubs.  The Chicago Cubs represent the North Side, opening at home at Wrigley Field next week against my Colorado Rockies.  The afore-mentioned Chicago White Sox represent the South Side from the mighty Comisky Field.

These are baseball parks outside, open, daunting the elements.  Sometimes Mother Nature wins a game.  More often Chicago wins, and they always go down swinging.


Update Tuesday morning: Cubs Win!  Beat the Astros in their season opener at Houston. White Sox are on for this afternoon.


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