Telluride Bluegrass Lineup

OK. So I wrote the nice fluffy bit for the No Depression Telluride Bluegrass Festival Blogging Contest, now here’s my take on the lineup:


OK, now that that’s over with… I posted the big-ticket event roster with links over there. line-up has your basic paragraph bios & pics. I know there’s up the hill and down in town and all. Whatever. My thoughts on the Single-Day lineup as posted:

    Thursday’s picks:

  • David Byrne to kick off the event: Huh? Good god what are they thinking??? Then again Planet Bluegrass is equal parts World, and Music, could be an interesting set. Tho I’m not all together sure if these are in cardinal order. (And I’m late for dinner so I’m not going to take the time to check.)
  • Conor Oberst (i.e. Bright Eyes): Good follow-on from Byrne
  • 3 Girls & their Buddy: Emmylou, Patty, Shawn Colvin & Buddy Miller. Now you’re talking. They ought to get 4x the set time.
  • Peter Rowan fits, Zac Brown comes recommended but doesn’t really fit (?), Lovell Sisters would transition well to Jerry Douglas & Tim O’Brien.

  • Railroad Earth played at KRFC when they came thru Fort Collins and really wowed us… for East Coast guys.
  • Elvis Costello, Bela Fleck, John Cowan. Buy extra strings, they’ll probably break a few
  • Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley): Some’ers I know like her, but I just haven’t taken the time to really get to know her. Certainly some younger indie rock cred.
  • The Greencards: I’d really like to see these three. Really.
  • Blue Canyon Boys: A Colorado bluegrass band, at a ‘bluegrass’ festival in Colorado. Cool.

  • Sam Bush Band, Jerry Douglas Band, Yonder Mountain String Band: Telluride truth in advertising. See my No Depression blog for a great video on YMSB in Telluride.
  • Kasey Chambers & Mr. Kasey. Saturday looks like one of those days, it could be pouring rain, and this line-up will be so mellow, so chilled, ya just don’t care…
    Sunday: Time to go home, but I would stick around for the Telluride House Band and more Emmylou, plus Tim O’Brien.

  • Todd Snider is a bit too political for my taste but I’m sure the granola heads will love ’em.
  • Steeldrivers: More’rs I like & respect like these guys. I haven’t spent the oro to check out their plata.
  • And as for Mike Ferris, Planet Bluegrass says: “As the sun rises on the Telluride Sunday morning gospel set, prepare to be moved, shaken, and healed. ” Sounds good to me.

I jumped (or maybe was pushed) into the No Depression community in large part due to their Telluride blog dare. I’m not terribly happy with my fluffy post. It could be better. It could be worse. I would have liked to have had the historical photo of William Jennings Bryan (in front of the New Sheridan Hotel), but if I understand the fine print correctly Telluride Historical Museum wants $150 for one-time limited use, which is $149 more than I have in my pocket right now. Oh, well. My old Mac wouldn’t be up to the trip, and I don’t do so well with crowds anyway.

Besides, Cadillac Sky was there last year. Can’t possibly top that!


(Cross-posted over at No Depression’s blog.)

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