Microblog for 2009-05-21

  • If I never hear the words ‘American Idol’ again it will be too soon. #
  • RT @americanaroots: #DefineAmericana – Americana Music is Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Folk all blended up and poured in to an ice cold mug.. #
  • RT @highcountrynews: “For a handful of seconds all pretense is stripped away, leaving just jeans, hide, & a rope.” http://tinyurl.com/pd5f59 #
  • Looks like @cadillacsky found Twitter again. Great newgrass #twangthursday #
  • #DefineAmericana: Country music for people who read. #
  • #DefineAmericana: Or is it Folk music for people who wear cowboy boots? #

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