Thor's Day

Thursday, as you may have surmised, derives its etymology from “Thor‘s day”.  Wednesday I touched on the origin of the word, “Wednesday”, as Woden‘s (or Odin’s) day, way back in Ye Olde Angle-ish.  Tyr owns Tuesday, and Friday belongs to party girl Freyja, or Odin’s wife Frigg, depending who you talk to.  Saturday, Sunday, Monday, those are obvious.

Way back in 3rd grade my elementary school teacher did a unit on mythology.  Fascinating stuff, the stories mankind spins to explain the unexplainable.  I wonder what my Swede and Olde English ancestors thought of the Norse pantheon, before the Church found them.  It’s a bit difficult to keep track of the players without a scorecard.

  • Tyr was the top dog in Asgard. Or Odin’s son & 2nd (hence Tyr’s day is 2nd day of the week). Or not. Analogous to Roman Mars, god of war.
  • Odin is the top dog in Asgard. Or became top dog later.  Or not.  Think Gandalf’s wisdom + fury.  Analgous to Roman Mercury, but more.
  • Thor is Odin’s son.  Thor’s the guy with the thunder hammer.  Kenneth Branagh is gonna make him a movie of his own year after next.  You don’t mess with Thor.  Unless you’re Douglas Adams.
  • Freyja and Frigg are closely related.  Frigg is a domestic goddess; Freyja a goddess of love. The difference?  Let’s just not go there right now.

So poking around, I found the video above that explains the whole Norse vs. Roman god war over the days of the week more concisely than I can.  If you get beyond the new age accompaniment, it sounds about right—at least by the standards of my references at Wikipedia.  Also, word of warning:  if you click thru to Lindsey’s links there you might get a look at a bit more of her friends than appropriate in a family-friendly website.  Caveat Viewer!


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