Microblog Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

  • All I want is a dry tent. Is that too much to ask? #
  • Krush streaming great roots tunes from Ryan Bingham etc on KRFC Morning Mix http://krfcfm.org #
  • @KRFC The only happy thing about Monday morning is Krush's Morning Mix on KRFC-FM. in reply to KRFC #
  • Ackthehack does a #lastfm on The Big Surprise Tour http://is.gd/2aKjq (@JustinTEarle, Felice Bros, D.Rawlings, OCMS) #
  • Brooks & Dun call it quits http://bit.ly/OY73x Like 'em mostly for Nashvegas. #
  • Great scenery in this Rick Shea video "Shelter Valley Blues" http://is.gd/2bTt7 #
  • Happy Birthday, Brennen Leigh. Minnesota gal gone all Texas red dirt on us, fire on the mando don't ya know? #
  • County fair starts today. Pork burgers, malts from the dairy stand, and the horse pull. Country life's for me! #
  • RT @bbcnews: Facebook lifts the lid on its new 'Lite' mobile and dialup service http://tinyurl.com/n8vs8r #
  • I like my pork on a stick. Just sayin'. #
  • RT @SenJohnMcCain: Spider Rock at Cayon de Chelly – magnificent! http://yfrog.com/0ay9rj #
  • @TwangNation Lambert? gotta be kidding me, serious hit to your Twang cred amigo. in reply to TwangNation #
  • @TwangNation I didn't buy it when @NoDepression put her on the cover either. Lambert left Texas for Nashvegas long ago. in reply to TwangNation #
  • @TwangNation Lambert's got pipe's, fer sure, and made-for-tv cute. She's just as authentic as Kenny Chesney or $3 bill. http://is.gd/2e4oe in reply to TwangNation #
  • @Mando_lines World is too full of good honest roots music to bother with the pretenders. in reply to Mando_lines #
  • @TwangNation yup. in reply to TwangNation #
  • It's a rare thing to go into the fire, and not be consumed by the fire. #
  • @catmcc No other nation is better than US at very complex, very expensive problems (e.g. Mayo). It's the day-to-day that's broke. in reply to catmcc #
  • Wishing I had entered the Talent Show at the County Fair. Who knows, I coulda been the next #twangthursday Nashville Star! #
  • @LostFortCollins Oooo, Johnson County War. Fun! in reply to LostFortCollins #
  • RT @bbcnews: Les Paul, whose pioneering electric guitars were used by a legion of rock stars, dies at age of 94. http://tinyurl.com/mtseq6 #
  • RT @highcountrynews: Jim Messina: This week I'll take "leader of the free world fishing. I'll talk a lot about public land access." #
  • RT @KRFC: Live at lunch is gonna start! Dan Daniels is here today playin' some American folk Music. I hear guitar, a banjo maybe a dulcimer. #
  • Off to the County Fair! #
  • RT @TwangNation: Miley Pole Dances At Teen Choice Awards, prepares for fall back career. http://tinyurl.com/mztqr3 #
  • RT @Lileks: Reading about inaccuracies in John Adams series. http://bit.ly/fYYjL They might as well have Washington ride a plaid pegasus. #
  • New @LostFortCollins: A Colorado connection in the 1890s Johnson County War. http://bit.ly/Q9dL9 #
  • If I could find an old-fashioned blackboard on which to write, am sure I could solve String Theory, bring World Peace-alas, none to be found #
  • No matter how big my monitor, it will never replace the inspiration of a good whiff of chalk dust. #

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