Fishing Music: The Album, Part II

I want to say a lot of great things about Fishing Music.  In this case, at least, less is more.

A project of uber-musicians David Thompson & Ben Winship, it’s got everything—it’s got fly fishing, it’s got acoustic music.  What more do you need?

I suppose I could say something about how much I enjoyed the first disc recorded at Mr. Winship’s Henhouse studio at beautiful Victor, Idaho.  I could brag on the Bozeman, Montana, based bluegrass group Kane’s River, in which I first heard Mr. Thompson and contributer John Lowell play.  I could wax romantically on Mollie O’Brien (hubba hubba) and her contributions to the recording.  I could wonder at her mate Tim O’Brien, or contributer Aoife O’Donovan, or….

I could mourn late fall days tossing dry flies on the Madison River at trout gone by.

I could, but I won’t.  ‘Cause everbody’s fishin’, jump in.  The Americana water’s fine.


Fishing Music I, Snake River Records, 2003

Fishing Music II, Snake River Records 2009


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