Microblog Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06

  • "Singing me home thru Heaven's Door. I am Ready." -Dolly Parton #
  • "You can run on for a long time. Sooner or later God will cut you down." -Johnny Cash. No fooling Him that made you. #
  • "I want to get right with God. Yes, you know you got to get right with God." -Lucinda Williams #
  • RT @coloradoan: Water districts quit Halligan project North Fork of the Poudre.. http://bit.ly/18mWo9 (Fish 1, Sprawl 0) #
  • A little Nancy Apple shines a Monday morning right up. #
  • RT @Lileks: Is Marty Robbins' "El Paso" one of those songs no one dares parody or ridicule? It's almost a holy relic. And rightly so. #
  • Scrobbling Krush's Morning Mix on KRFC-FM. Willie & the Wheel, Red Stick Ramblers, Eddie from Ohio. great roots music. #
  • Krush's Morning Mix http://www.krfcfm.org Jalan Crossland, Elizabeth Cook, Kevin Deal, Ginn Sisters. great roots tunes from the Front Range #
  • RT @missleslie: Turn Around – New Single http://bit.ly/1aiMkJ little bit Americana, little alt.country, a lot of great listen. #
  • RT @PasteMagazine: Vote for your favorite album of the decade via Twitter. Just type "Artist, Album" followed by #pastealbumofthe00s #
  • Johnny Cash, American IV: The Man Comes Around #pastealbumofthe00s #
  • RT @FLWbooks: Lewis & Clark started their expedition at 11 AM… 206 years ago. You know what book *that* means -> http://bit.ly/3a1Ua #
  • Missed this @dailyyonder last week: Wind Energy in So.Dakota (just down the road) http://is.gd/2K2qi Sioux Falls paper: http://is.gd/2K2vl #
  • RT @ARockMix: "Americana" is officially a music genre up for nomination at this year's Grammy's. It's about time! #
  • RT @TwangNation: Taylor Swift – just because people want to sleep with you doesn't make you talented. #
  • RT @TwangNation: Dale Watson – Country My Ass #cmatv #mmhttp://blip.fm/~cn9v8 #
  • Labor Day weekend, suppose that means Stawberry? Yosemite is on fire. http://is.gd/2Lgub #
  • RT @nprnews Tea Party Express's Soundtrack Courtesy Of Hammy Black Conservative http://su.pr/9yK2vx #
  • Some days you're the windshield… some days you are the bug. Or the dry fly, in my case. #
  • RT @MPR: A spat over zoning ordinances & a man's vegetable garden has grown into a full-blown feud in Watson, Minn. http://bit.ly/18P8Gz #
  • RT @AmericanaFest: Jed Hilly in USA Today article about the Grammys' new Americana album category! http://tinyurl.com/nappdr #twangthursday #
  • RT @AngelEasterling: Only a few more days left to download my song BlackTop Road for free from @countryweekly! http://bit.ly/131mic #
  • RT @CheyenneWY: Twitter spec offer Buy 1 $20 ticket to Michael M Murphey show Sat get 1 free http://tinyurl.com/nlkfff #
  • Wyoming Americana Music Weekend–Cheyenne Cowboy Festival & Magic City Bluegrass Fest http://www.cheyennemusic.org #
  • Satan, your kingdom must come down. -Adrienne Young #
  • I ain't shed one lousy tear over you, since I started drinking again. -Dwight #
  • When I'm dead and gone, don't linger on my grave. -Graham Lindsey #
  • @Duvidoo I like Ike, but that's a Yoakam line fer sure 🙂 in reply to Duvidoo #
  • The important part of fishing ain't the fish but the fishin'. -Mollie O'Brien #
  • RT @nranews: Country Music Celebs Embrace Hunting, Fishing http://digg.com/u1Bzvm #
  • OK, I'll admit it. Never heard of Luke Bryan before. He's that "All My Friends Say" guy. I learned something new, can I go home now? #
  • Hey, Obama! Leave them kids alone! video parody.. or documentary? http://is.gd/2TkNo #
  • Just checked my follow list for 1st time in awhile. wow. thanks y'all (and the spammers, too, I'll sort them out when the snow flies) #
  • RT @AngelEasterling: This is cool. I was at this show. Discovering Adrienne's music led to me wkg w/Will Kimbrough ♫ http://blip.fm/~cuq0g #
  • @AngelEasterling Adrienne was 1 of first artists to spend me stuff for my radio show back when. personal touch + quality production in reply to AngelEasterling #
  • RT @coloradoan: CSU to face Minnesota in football in 2015-16 http://bit.ly/FMLii | Gophers going down, know that now 🙂 #
  • I'll leave y'all with some Otis Gibbs in honor of Labor Day: Daughter of a Truck Drivin' Man. http://is.gd/2Tq4G #
  • @TwangNation I'm not a Union man, but I can't listen to Woody Guthrie's 1913 Massacre without a tear in my eye. in reply to TwangNation #
  • After a day enjoying college football… just call me Red. ouch, this is gonna hurt. #

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