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MSU TU ad 09-09

The worst day fishing is better than the best day working…

If anybody were to host experts on coldwater fisheries, it would be Montana State University at Bozeman.  I lived a couple blocks from campus when I worked for Gallatin County.  The Yellowstone River to the east, the Madison River to the west, and the Gallatin River just outside of town, made for many distractions for town and gown alike.  Bud Lilly has given back to the community that gave him a life on moving waters in so many ways.

Since our beginnings in the late Nineteenth Century, the MSU Libraries has strived to develop a world–class research collection in support of the academic goals of our university, including those of local interest with national and international resonance. Sixty years of research on fish and fisheries has given MSU a strong tradition on which to build the nation’s preeminent trout and salmonid collection. Not only does the collection support this world–class research, but it is a focal point of local and regional pride for those who care about the salmonid species’ well being and about the waters that flow through this region. Housed in the MSU Libraries’ Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections, this collection is open to the public for use on the premises in a controlled archival environment.

Thanks to Montana State University for your support of Trout Unlimited in this, their 50th year.

This ad originally appeared in the Fall 2009 edition of TROUT, the magazine of Trout Unlimited.


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