Trout Unlimited 50th Anniversery

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Every River Has It’s Own Story.

Trout Unlimited—known affectionately as TU—turns 50 years old this year.  Founded by a group of outdoorsmen and conservationists in Michigan, the organization is a pre-eminent voice for coldwater fish, fisheries and habitat.

TU is not just a flyfishing sportsman’s club.  The orgnization works to conserve, protect and restore streams and the watersheds that feed our rivers.  As TU President Charles Gauvin writes in the fall edition of TROUT, TU’s quarterly magazine, “Every river has its own story, and if you don’t stop to listen you might miss something important.”

It’s alot easier to see TU’s impact on the goldwater trout streams where I learned fly casting in Colorado and Montana.  Yet even here in the Midwest, TU is active in protecting and restoring the Driftless region streams in Southeastern Minnesota, Northeastern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin.  I don’t agree with everything they do or every issue for which they advocate, but on the whole they do good deeds.

That’s something we could use a lot more of.


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