Telling a Story Using Social Media

“If you are not telling your story online, someone else is.”

Ann Treacy delivered on her promise of Telling a Story Using Social Media in the third part of the trio of webinars leading up to the Blandin Broadband conference in Duluth later this month. (I wrote up Delore Zimmerman’s webinar on rural development trends here. Sorry, Bill, didn’t get Broadband Best Practices part 2 written up.)

A reformed librarian, Ann gave a Social Media 101 basic enough for newbies and interesting enough for old hands (i.e. been on Twitter more than 6 months).  We covered blogs (platforms like WordPress, SEO, Google Alerts, Minnesota examples), RSS feeds, Flickr, Youtube (caution: not for dialup!), wikis, Facebook & Linked-In, and more.

Bottom line?  You want to:
A. Establish Your Story, then
B. Find the Right Tool for You

Good stuff.  You can find Ann online at Treacy Information Services.  You can follow Tweets about the webinars and conference with the #mnbb09 hashtag.  You can find me online… well, you already have.

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