The Midnight Special

I’ve sung Tom Brosseau‘s praises before, most recently here last spring.  I’ve been a real putz for not getting ahold of his latest release, Posthumous Success, put out by Fatcat Records. has full track previews of the album (if you are lucky enough to be in the preferred nations or pony up for a subscription).

Tom is one of the rare artists that’s just as at home picking out a classic folk or blues tune as the latest hip rhythms.  Even his timely tunes are almost timeless.  A sample:

Here’s one from sometime in 2005 in Santa Barbara at the Marjorie Luke Theatre with Angela Correa. This staging of the old tune Midnight Special was for an opening slot for the band the Corral Sea; it was recently prepared for the internet by Miss Kelly McClean.

Tom is in Europe touring right now.  Lausanne, Sursee, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Gent, Amsterdam.  If he’s probably playing close to you go, listen, enjoy.

That is all.


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