International Symposium on Rural Design

Rural Design Symposium

This sounds like an interesting conference coming up next month in St. Paul. I like the folks up at the Center for Rural Design at the University of Minnesota. They’re thinking about old problems in new ways.

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the First International Symposium on Rural Design. Have a chance at shaping an entire new field dedicated to researching and addressing rural issues and improving rural quality of life by joining us for a stimulating and dynamic two-day symposium on the emerging discipline of rural design.

  • Join peers from around the United States and Canada to explore new research and practice initiatives.
  • Find collaborators with complimentary expertise and new perspectives to form the interdisciplinary and geographically diverse teams necessary to address problems that respect neither disciplinary nor jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Discover how and where to get funding to support your innovative projects.
  • Be a pioneer and help found a new international organization dedicated to establishing rural design as a new, interdisciplinary field capable of addressing rural problems comprehensively, scale appropriately, and effectively.

Registration and travel information is available at the symposium web site at

I would love to be there but it looks like I’m already booked to spend some time that weekend experiencing the rural landscape…. ice fishing with my boys.

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