JC's Albums Played in 2009

Do you remember albums?  The awkard way you had to flip thru the bin at the record store. Cover art that with real estate worth the effort.  The unique feeling you got breaking the shrink-wrap on a large platter of vinyl.  Anticipating the hiss and pop of analog playback.  Anticipating when you had to jump up to flip to the B-side. Just plain taking the time.

I don’t have my record player hooked up, and Amazon’s my record store these days.  Living 100-miles from no-where I absolve myself of guilt for not shopping local.  You, kind reader, must make that decision on your own.  As I hinted in my ‘Best of 2009’ post, I’ve been learning Amazon.com widgets.

I’ve been ‘scrobbling’ digital music on last.fm for a good while now.  Some years I play alot of new music.  This year, I played thru my library more.  And played more of last.fm’s online music player as they’ve expanded their selections.  They sell digital downloads via Amazon, too.  Before CBS bought them I would feel guilt for doing an end-run, but I’m not terribly happy with what Columbia Broadcasting System has wrought with my scrobbles.

So here’s another experiment in widget linking.  Feel free to click thru and buy.  Or not.

More Info:

Graham Lindsey

Miss Leslie

Bloodshot Records

Bob Wills

Son Volt

Hank Williams (this wiki needs help, fans)

Steve Earle

Jon Krakauer and Into the Wild

Hot Club of Cowtown

Cadillac Sky

Amy Allison

Justin Townes Earle


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