Broadband levels the playing field for rural Minnesota

Borrowed this from USDA-RD MN Newsletter, emphasis is mine:

Recovery Act Delivers Broadband Funds to Rural Minnesota

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, signed into law by President Obama in February of 2009, has helped fund about $61 million in projects that will increase broadband access to underserved areas of rural Minnesota.

“Broadband levels the playing field for rural Minnesota, said Colleen Landkamer, USDA Rural Development State Director. “It allows people living in rural areas to compete globally.”

For example, a $1.3 million loan/grant will help Federated Telephone Cooperative deliver broadband to rural areas of Appleton, Minn. The funding will install 108 miles of underground fiber that will serve 152 residences, seven businesses and one anchor institution.

“Farmers rely on broadband for everything from marketing to link-ups with their equipment,” said Kevin Beyer, general manager of Federated. “Rural families use it for their school-age children and businesses use it to expand their customer base.”

Recovery Act funds will help increase broadband access for over 17,500 households, businesses and community facilities throughout rural Minnesota. The funding impacts 17 counties and several small cities and townships.


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