By the way, Company Policy forbids…

I’m working on a marketing project for “real work” and looking now at specific roles Web 2.0 will play among our possible tactics. Actually, I’ve been using this entire website (and a couple other blogs) to tinker with Social Media. Some of that time’s been on company time, most on my own “personal improvement” time.

Dilbert’s Pointy Haired Boss:  Beth is our new Marketing Manager for Social Media.
By the way, company policy forbids the use of Facebook and Twitter at work, and we don’t trust you to work from home.
If you blog about how lame we are, you’re fired!!!

Newby: (Thought Cloud: First Day, not so good.)

Dilbert here is a good reminder for me, that many organizations (public or private) aren’t so open to innovation. Glad we’re not them.

Thanks, boss! The report will be on your desk Monday morning.

(you can follow my “real work” on Twitter, too.)


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