Santa, Spend XMas with Me

Merry Christmas everybody, from Audrey Auld-Mezera and I.

Audrey Auld is an Aussie Americana singer who is more Texas than most Texans.  She broke into the biz with Bill Chambers and Kasey Chambers, two other Aussies who are more Texas than Texans.  She hangs out with Fred Eaglesmith, a Canadian who is more Texan than…. well, you get my drift.  A few years ago she jumped the broom with a Californian (no idea how Texas Mez is) and now resides in Nashville doing the performing songwriter thing.

Anyway, Audrey is the real deal, as you can hear above in this fun little tune penned by Gillian Welch (a Californian more Appalachian than…. ).



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