Family History

I’ve added a personal page to with some clutter on history and genealogy:  All Things Shepard.  There’s a handy link over to the left of this blog’s main page, and on the top of individual post pages.

I started this page on my old (pre-blog) personal website, which was mostly a collection of hyperlinks and html doodles.  It really doesn’t have much to do with Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of Americana, except that it does, for me personally.  In my ancestry I find some hints of how my Life got to be what it is.  In my ancestry I trace the roots of our American Liberty as the various families found their way to the New World from England, Ireland and Scotland, Sweden, Holland, and places as yet undiscovered.  In my ancestry I pursue Americana, the great story of the troubles and triumphs of the United States of America.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming….



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