Happy Birthday, Dolly

Happy Birthday, Dolly!

Wikipedia says:

Dolly Rebecca Parton (born January 19, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter, author, multi-instrumentalist, actress and philanthropist, best-known for her work in country music.

In the four-and-a-half decades since her national-chart début, she remains one of the most-successful female artists in the history of the country genre which garnered her the title of ‘The Queen of Country Music’, with twenty-five number-one singles, and a record forty-one top-10 country albums. She has the distinction of having performed on a top-five country hit in each of the last five decades and is tied with Reba McEntire as the only country artists with No. 1 singles in four consecutive decades.

She is known for her distinctive soprano, sometimes bawdy humor, flamboyant dress sense and voluptuous figure.

Think whatever you want about her music—and her music business—you’ve got to be impressed by Dolly’s ability to reinvent herself over the years.  I came around to Dolly when she came out with Little Sparrow in 2001.  That was the 2nd of her Sugar Hill bluegrass albums.  I held my breath with The Grass is Blue, not sure if it was a one-off nod to nostalgia.  Then bam, Grammy time.  Her re-recording of “Down from Dover” still haunts me.  I liked the 3rd in that series, Halos & Horns, well enough but it was Little Sparrow that cemented Dolly’s place for me as a step above the usual Nashvegas machine.

If you’ve got a minute, visit Dolly’s (very) pink fan website today.  There’s a bit of time to enter and win (w00t!):

So, if you get a chance, email your well wishes, funny/inspirational sayings, silly birthday photos, or a video of you singing Happy Birthday to info@dollypartonmusic.net.

This will enter you into Dolly’s ‘Birthday Wishes’ Contest where you’ll have a chance to win the great package you see [on the site]: NEW 2011 Dolly Calendar, Vintage Dolly Backwoods Barbie Trucker-hat, Pink Travel Mug (to keep you warm this winter), and Pink Logo License Plate. Please submit your entries by Noon CST on January 19th. We’ll announce a winner that afternoon.

Good luck, and again, Happy Birthday, Dolly!


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