NPR Wishes President Reagan a Happy 100th

Now from the other side of the aisle, National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation yesterday wished President Reagan a Happy 100th Birthday:

Former President Ronald Reagan would have turned 100-years-old on February 6, and the Political Junkie is ready to celebrate. NPR’s Ken Rudin and two Reagan biographers, Craig Shirley and Lou Cannon, talk about Reagan’s enduring impact on politics.

This is the audio link:

Audio Link from TOTN 2.2.2011


The New York Times has noted the extensive Centennial festivities.  Even President Obama is getting into the occasion:

President Obama’s aides were happy to let it be known that his vacation reading list included a biography of the 40th president by Lou Cannon.

Mr. Cannon said that the popular view of Reagan had only improved with time, although his approval ratings were higher than many other presidents when he left office.

“There’s always a certain nostalgia,” Mr. Cannon said. “But the reality is he really did help end the cold war. The world now ain’t a walk in Central Park, but it’s certainly a much safer place than when Reagan took office. And he convinced Americans to believe in themselves.”



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