A Montana Song

I’m feeling like a Montana song
Kanes River, Graham Lindsey
A story wrapped in an enigma
Presented as a warm, soulful poem.

I’m feeling like a Big Sky storm
Blizzard, tornado, thunder, rain
Battleships of air
Rolling across the prairie.

I’m feeling like a high Trout stream
Gallatin, Madison, Jefferson, Missouri
Never the same twice
Cold and fast as polished steel.

I’m feeling like an old Tall Tale
Cowboys, Indians, Spirits, Saints
Fire water wind
Told round campfires still.

I’m feeling like a High Plains town
High, wide and lonesome now
Each someone’s dream
Of what could have been.

I’m feeling like a Gravel road
You can’t get there from here
Rough rutted dusty
Kind to friends, hard on men.

I’m feeling like a Montana story
Doig, Maclean, Stegner, McRae
A song stretched long
Presented as mirrors to our soul.

-JCS 4.2011


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