Microblog Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08

  • @GeorgeDraak @orgeorphelin Hank Williams' Ramblin Man? Or (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle, both 1951? #
  • Check this video out — Hank Williams Sr. – Lonesome Whistle http://t.co/ONEFR8j via @youtube #
  • And extra guitar strings. RT @CorbLund I think our civilisation is nearly done. Food, water and ammo. #
  • Gotta do Otis on #MayDay — OTIS GIBBS – HANK WILLIAMS' "LONESOME WHISTLE" http://t.co/hTPOnl0 via @youtube #
  • @GeorgeDraak @orgeorphelin You never go wrong with Hank! #
  • @orgeorphelin what is this @getglue thang? #
  • @GeorgeDraak Only one "Hank" 🙂 Jr. Is just junior, tho III ain't bad at times. #
  • Feeling more Alan Jackson than Toby Keith at the Osama rest-in-hell party. #
  • @mnhs @azirapha1e newspapers? What r those? #
  • Celebrate not the death of a mere mortal; celebrate the victory of Light over Darkness, Freedom over Terror. #
  • @orgeorphelin my website is down and can't get up! #
  • Yes! Rt@SallyHogshead Do you work best under stress, as deadlines loom Or does that shut down your productivity?” #
  • Great Senior Sell-off: The coming housing calamity | New Urban Network http://bit.ly/lDpih2 #
  • @GeorgeDraak Thanks for reading my blog! We do some things right, many wrong. #
  • Kate Campbell is a nice antidote to my rising sense of panic. #NoDepression #
  • Read JC's Americana Daily ▸ today's top stories via @walkerartcenter and @troutfittershttp://t.co/mOc3Nty #
  • More 2010 Census Demographic Profile for MN coming next week, age/gender to place level: http://1.usa.gov/k1UUvX #
  • Tear Down the Mall! Westminster (CO) Mall to be razed for a new downtown – The Denver Post http://bit.ly/lE1u4a #
  • @StrongTowns I have determined, through careful analysis, it is completely Irrational to put faith in the Rational. #
  • Bozeman High fiddler James Schlender was on the bill @kencen last night – "I Never Knew" Music Video http://t.co/1v4f1b0 #NoDepression #
  • @mylenegordinou Thanks for the follow! #
  • Word for the day: Misanthrope. #TheMoreImAroundSomePeopleTheMoreIMissMyDog #

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