Microblog Weekly Updates for 2011-05-15

  • Rain, rain go away… #
  • Or go in and recode your theme in HTML… RT @G_Roll: @SallyHogshead shift + return? » Bingo! Thank you so very!” #
  • What I want to know is, what was that guy singing "Almost Persuaded" doing dancing in a bar in the first place? #cheatingsongs #
  • @gretchenpeters eventually songs about "smokey" bars will be an anachronism like whale oil and party-line phones… #
  • oh, there's a visual! “@matracaberg: packing is hard.traveling naked is harder though.” #
  • I got my first guitar when I was 14. Now (past) 40 and still wearing jeans." My God, I'm living a Waylon song… #NoDepression #
  • Tho I feel more a character in a Tom Russell ballad most times… #nodepression #
  • Quake Shifted Japan; Towns Now Flood at High Tide – http://t.co/0NJ4knL via @foxnews #
  • Hey @Chanti_Pizza thx for Follow. I'd suggest you put ur own website where Twitter says "Website". 1 click I'll give u, 2 not so much. #
  • Hey @cc_chapman @MarketingProfs read your book. Got it thru Interlibrary Loan. Sorry about the residuals, but it is a good read. #OTA11 #
  • I love my local library. I'd love them even more if they got with the 20th century and hooked up eBooks. #
  • I love to hate McDonald's, but I'm learning to love wi-fi hot spots #broadband #
  • Video: Steve Earle live at Twist & Shout records in Denver | Reverb Music — The Denver Post http://bit.ly/k2ClNu #NoDepression #
  • No best days still ahead! “@TheIdeasEconomy: Is innovation in the United States on the decline? http://t.co/nTlLWN2” #
  • @Michael_Knutson @visitmofish Yes, Mike, we do. You've seen the #fail whale, right? Twitter is full of fish tales… #
  • iPad + sunny day = #fail 🙁 #
  • Wait out the crowd chatter in this video. Hints of Steve Earle — Brian Martin – Memphis http://t.co/YfPTG92 thx @SongsIllinois #
  • @songsillinois I felt just like that when I volunteered w/ @KRFC Find the good stuff! #
  • A Blaze Foley kind of rainy day. #NoDepression #
  • I've tried for a long time but I think I can't win / I'd do it all better if I could do it a-gain / Wherever I'm going…same place I been. #
  • Ain't it a cold, cold world.
    -Blaze Foley #
  • Loving the @BBCNews iPad app, esp live radio. #news junkie #
  • "Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it." -Norman Maclean #

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