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Colorado performing artist Rebecca Folsom appeared on air at KRFC-FM earlier this year.  She’s played around with Celeste Krenz and Liz Barnez, great folky/americana-ish gals.  Good stuff.  I borrowed this from KRFC-FM Live at Lunch page. Hope they don’t mind:

“When Rebecca sinks her teeth into a song, an emotional intensity emerges that is both deeply stirring and joyously transcendent. Her performances cover the human landscape from humorous, sexy, life challenging and inspirational to heart opening and spiritual. With an equal dose of angel and little devil, she is capable of offering the most tender of ballads then effortlessly engaging a wide-open Rock & Roll cathartic release. She appears to be channeling something a lot larger and wilder than her small frame might first suggest. A seasoned vocalist she moves fluidly through luscious, smoky almost speaking tones, and then delivers Janis Joplinesque impassioned wailing. Folsom believes music is all about sharing the human connection, feeling our joys and sorrows, and always offering a bit of hope. Rebecca shines when performing in a spare acoustic setting and then explodes with the blazing intensity of her band. In either setting audiences are in for an uplifting, joyous, and truly moving musical ride. Rebecca has been writing and performing professionally for over 10 years, and has played on BBC television/radio, Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO, The Bluebird and Opryland in Nashville, TN, Falcon Ridge Festival, NY, Kerrville Folks Festival, TX, and Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, CO. A true renaissance woman, she has released 6 CD’s, 2 books of poetry, and numerous paintings of fine art. She currently lives in both Boulder, CO and Nashville, TN. ”

Find out more on-line via

(The links are mine, let me know if they bounce.)  The volunteers at KRFC record most of the Live at Lunch performances, and Rebecca’s session with John Magnie (of The Subdudes) is available as a podcast.  Enjoy!



p.s. Hey, Rebecca, Liz & Celeste, lose the MySpace pages or get ’em updated. Obama’s election isn’t current events no more!


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