10 Ways Broadband Helps Rural Communities

9 Ways broadband helps rural communities

H/T to Mike Knutson of Reimagine Rural fame for the RT on this meme.  I’m not familiar with the Internet Innovation Alliance: “A broad-based coalition of business and non-profit organizations that aims to ensure that every American has access to broadband Internet.”  As the blurb at the bottom indicates, you can read the fine print on their website.

This is for the webcrawlers:

Ten Ways Broadband Helps Rural Communities
  1. Links local businesses to global markets
  2. Allows consumers to tap into e-commerce savings
  3. Expands access to educational opportunities
  4. Increases local job growth
  5. Connects patients to world class healthcare and reduces care costs
  6. Enhances economic options for younger generations
  7. Provides new tools to farmers and ranchers to grow their businesses
  8. Enables entrepreneurs to locate their businesses locally
  9. Attracts customers to local businesses
  10. Offers families low cost options to stay in touch using the latest technology.


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