Justs the Facts, m'am: Economic Development Marketing for Results

I am a long-time fan of consultant Eric Canada (Blane Canada) and his firm’s periodic economic development newsletters.  I came across this bit from a couple years ago while drafting a marketing plan.

~~~Consumer world shifted…“Today, in addition to giving your customer a feeling of connectedness, you must infuse your ads with facts, details, logic and information. The buying mode and mood of the general public has shifted. Consumers have begun buying with their heads instead of their hearts.” As we pointed out way back in 1996 in our book Economic Development: Marketing for Results!, facts, details, logic, and information have always described the modus operandi of the service/industrial buyer – the target market of economic development. Nonetheless, many confused economic development marketers still attempt to appeal to the emotional buyer. In economic development, the emotional buyer only has a say after the logical buyer has been satisfied (unless the emotional buyer is the top of the food chain, then all bets are off) with the available facts. Is your marketing on the mark?

Quote, Roy H. Williams, Monday Morning Memo, 2/23/09   http://www.mondaymorningmemo.com

You can search thru BlaneCanada’s back issues on their website.  If you can find a copy of his guide Economic Development: Marketing for Results, I’d suggest you grab it.  It’s out of print and should go for top dollar on the after market.


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