Microblog Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • Lyle, Jerry Jeff & Guy at RedAntsPants in MT: Festival draws crowd from across the state http://t.co/WlkoXzV via @bozchron #nodepression #
  • Hey @orgeorphelin! MT @pubperspectives: Twitter Now in Dutch and Indonesian, More Languages to Come.. http://t.co/RqI74oP #
  • Ring the bell, don't be the bell? RT @SallyHogshead Ruin the bell curve. #
  • Some days you're the Hunchback, some days you're the bell curve… RT @SallyHogshead Ruin the bell curve. #
  • Bell's just the noise, boys; the Ringer does the work. RT @SallyHogshead Ruin the bell curve. #
  • OK, that fills my quota of semi-quoting bad pop country lyrics for the month… in atonement: I don't think Hank done it this a-way. #
  • Camp is good. #

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