The Future of Conservatism, at the Humphrey Institute

I was a loyal reader of National Review in William F. Buckley’s day.  I’ve since let my subscription lapse as my personal conservatism seems to have diverged from the chattering class.

The Future of Conservatism: Stagecraft or Ideology?

October 13, 4 p.m. | Humphrey Forum, Humphrey School

The Center for the Study of Politics and Governance will host Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor of the National Review, for a discussion on the future of conservatism from 4 to 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, October 13, in the Humphrey Forum. William F. Buckley Jr. founded the National Review and helped build a tradition of conservatism that combined advocacy of liberty with intelligence and common sense. Ponnuru believes  this tradition of practical conservatism is vital today as American seeks to renew economic growth and regain its international stature and will discuss how conservatism can revitalize America and whether today’s Republican party is up to the challenge.

Would love to hear what Mr. Ponnuru has to say at the Humphrey Institute this week, but a true Conservative would still be at work at 4pm.


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