Feds Drop Youth Farm Labor Ban



Minnesota Farm Bureau Applauds Withdrawal of Overreaching Youth Labor Proposal

“Yesterday’s notification by the U.S Department of Labor to withdraw the overreaching proposed youth labor regulations is the right decision for our nation’s family-based farms and ranches,” said Minnesota Farm Bureau President Kevin Paap. “We are pleased with the administration’s decision, and we appreciate the efforts of Senator Klobuchar and Members of Congress Walz, Kline, Paulsen, Bachmann, Peterson and Cravaack.”

“We thank our Farm Bureau members for standing up for agriculture, for our farm and ranch families, for our agricultural education programs including FFA and 4-H and for our rural way of life by submitting comments to the U.S. Department of Labor, sharing personal stories with local media, elected officials and on keepfamiliesfarming.com,” said Paap. “This is an example of how essential it is that we participate in the process and demonstrate how legislation and regulations will personally affect all of us. Our members should be proud of the influence that they had in this process, and the contribution they made to the outcome.”

“Farm Bureau will continue to work to ensure that the parental exemptions for farmers and ranchers remain protected. Farm Bureau members will also continue to remember four safety cornerstones,” said Paap. “Safety is our top priority. Chores must be age appropriate. We must provide adequate training; and we must provide adult supervision.”

Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation represents Farmers • Families • Food is comprised of 78 local Farm Bureaus across Minnesota. Members make their views known to political leaders, state government officials, special interest groups and the general public. Programs for young farmers and ranchers help develop leadership skills and improve farm management. Promotion and Education Committee members work with programs such as Ag in the Classroom and safety education for children. Join Farm Bureau today and support our efforts to serve as an advocate for rural Minnesota, www.fbmn.org.


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