JCShepard.com Top Posts of 2012

2012 marked my first full year with the wordpress.org blog on a self-hosted platform.

Y’all visited JCShepard.com a total of 2,600 times last year.  September was your favorite month, with 364 hits (average 12/day).  Your top posts of 2012 were:

  1. Little (Lego) House on the Prairie (Style)  Commentary on some really cool Legos. High Google key-word county, I suppose:  299 pageviews
  2. Behind the Bakken Boom Commentary on some really cool economic development trends in my old home state of North Dakota: 151 views
  3. No Depression’s Crowdsourced Top 2011 Commentary on some really cool Americana music on a really cool website: 112 views

4-5-6 A-B-C also popular with the peeps:

These pairs of threes follow the three pillars of the blog — Economy, Policy and Pursuit of Americana — the three things I like most to write about, when I get myself writing.  This year, with my new job and move I haven’t been quite myself, or rather I’ve been busy finding myself, or even more to the point, I’ve been busy looking for new ways to look at the things I like most to write about.  Perhaps I’ll refocus on the writing part of the equation, or spend even more time thinking before I write.  We’ll see.

Many thanks to those who know whom you are for helping me keep the blog going.  All errors and high boredom content are my fault alone.

p.s. I’ve also been listening to music more than writing about it, since I’ve mostly been listening to old favorites.  My new favorite for 2012 was Gretchen Peters’ amazing Hello Cruel World.  About the only good thing out of Nashville came out of New York this year. Happy Americana, 2013.



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