Sunday’s Lament

Methodist Church, Byron, Michigan

A Sunday Lament

Dear Lord, Please give me a church
Like my forefathers had, so long ago
Where they learned right and wrong
Love the sinner, hate the sin

Dear Lord, I understand some folks
Stand themselves up, shout out their faith
Play loud music and socialize
That’s just not how I was raised

Dear Lord, In my Father’s church
We got up early, wore our Sunday best
Sang old gospel songs and prayed to ourselves
And they taught the Book, the one you wrote

Dear Lord, I watch your troubled church
Trying to all people, all things be
Trying so hard to love and be loved
They forget all about your Word

Dear Lord, Please give me a church
Like Jesus said, a house of prayer
A community of faith and good works
A safe port in troubled seas.


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1 Response to Sunday’s Lament

  1. JC says:

    To which God replied, “Build your own church. I’m a bit busy up here.”

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