Our Faces: Portraits of Laramie County

The photo editor at our local paper has embarked on a year-long effort to capture a representative sample of our county’s current demographic. “Our Faces: Portraits of Laramie County” was inspired by historic photos:  What were our many ancestors thinking way back when?

Today, as a planner, I wonder the same thing:  What do people want for their community?  I have to think they would be more open with a photojournalist than a “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” bureaucrat.  I have begun to look forward to picking up the paper every morning for a glimpse of “what makes living in Laramie County great”.

Reblogged from today’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle:

John Shepard

John Shepard smiles during a portrait session at the Hynds Building. “Our Old West heritage and our New West future” are what Shepard said he likes about living in Cheyenne. To take part in WTE Photo Editor Michael Smith’s “Our Faces: Portraits of Laramie County” project, call 633-3124 or 630-8388 or email msmith@wyomingnews.com to make an appointment. Michael Smith/staff



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