Diary of Orrin Brown—Oct 14, 1864

Diary of Orrin Brown, Indianapolis, Indiana

Friday–Oct. 14th

Arrived at Mich. City just after daylight and had to waith till after 9AM and then started south arrived at Leafyette Ind. at 4PM arrived at Indianapolis about 9PM were marched up to the Soldiers Home fenced up in one corner by the guards spread our blankets on the ground and went to bed with the broad canopy of the heavens for our shelter, we were lucky enough to hava a nice night and slept first rate.

Indianapolis was a major railroad hub in the Civil War, housing two dozen training camps and a Confederate prisoner-of-war camp.  The Soldier’s Home at West and Maryland streets could feed 8,000 men in transit and shelter 1,800 (The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis).  Development during the war advanced the state capital as the economic center of Indiana as well, at the expense of Southern cities along the Ohio River.


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