Diary of Orrin Brown—Oct 15, 1864

Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Diary of Orrin Brown, Indianapolis, Indiana

Saturday–Oct. 15th

Got up this morning and found it cloudy and a little cooler, we were arroused about 3AM on account of the desertion of 3 or 4 Bounty jumpers or Subs. from Canada cut a board off and crawled out under the fence we layed around and stood around in our corner all day this evening it looks like rain so we were marched into the baracks for the night we were routed out about 9:30PM wit orders to prepair to march to the depo on double quick and were marched down to the cars and then could not go, we were then marched back to camp, the Captain of the camp wasent going to let us into the barracks but he finally concluded that he had better let us in to keep peace for we did not intend to be run over that way if we were drafted men from Mich.

The Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis is a particularly impressive piece of civic art.  The site at the intersection of Meridian St and Market St was originally designed to be the location of the Indiana Governor’s Mansion.  Even if you’re just passing through town, it is worth a visit.


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