Diary of Orrin Brown—Oct 24, 1864

Map of Chattanooga, 1863

Diary of Orrin Brown, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Monday–Oct. 24th

We slept verry comfortable last night under our temporary tent, I took a dose of pill last night and feel a little better today, there has 3 or 400 new troops came in today and Sherman has sent in 1,300 Reb prisoners today taken between here and Atlanta from Hood. I washed my shirt drawers etc. we have no tints yet and draw about 1/4 rations. Read 2 Chapters in the Testament today, went down to Church this evening and heard a good sermon from 19th Chap. of Luke 41-42 verses the soldier meet and have prayer meeting before the hour for preaching there is no females attends in the evening, I also joined the Christian League Society this evening.

At the time Orrin Brown arrived in Chattanooga, William T Sherman was playing cat-and-mouse with John Bell Hood north of Atlanta.  The Union position in the city, however, was too strong for the Confederates, who moved west into Alabama with plans to move north into Middle Tennessee and Kentucky.  Sherman quickly grew bored and continued to prepare for his push to the sea.



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