Diary of Orrin Brown—Nov 13, 1864

Tara, on the set of Gone With the Wind, 1959

Diary of Orrin Brown, Atlanta, Georgia

Sunday–Nov. 13th

It was verry cold last night but I sleped warm on our straw bed. There was another building burned in the City this morning. We had preaaching in camp today the text was There are many that say, who will show us any good Psalms 4 Chapt. and part of 6th verse. There was a large store building blowed up in the City this afternoon. The cars have stoped runing and the railroad is torne up for 30 or 40 miles above here. There has been a chilly West wind blowing all day. I have read 7 Chapters in the Testament today.

I felt bad about saying I didn’t care for Gone With the Wind when I was writing about Civil War movies.  I’m not much of a fan for romance and drama, but I gave it a shot… And confirmed my prejudice.  It is a grand epic—I can only speak to the film, not the book, although I assume the book would be more of the same but even grander.

Tara, the fictional plantation at the center of the story, is located 5 miles from Jonesboro, Georgia, about 20 miles south of Atlanta, where much of the drama takes place.  Ashley Wilkes’ plantain, Twelve Oaks, is located nearby, also in Clayton County, Georgia.  The first half of the movie interprets events up to this point in Orrin Brown’s story, while after intermission we follow Scarlett and company through Reconstruction.  The movie, as most movies, plays fast and loose with the particulars of history, but that’s not really the point, is it?  In 1979, several pieces remaining of the 1939 movie set were restored and put on display at the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum in Atlanta.



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