Diary of Orrin Brown—Nov 27, 1864

Jed Marum - Confederate Banjo

Diary of Orrin Brown, East of Sandersville, Georgia

Sunday–Nov. 27th

We were on the road again this morning at 7 Oclock, we haven’t seen any Rebs today. It has been very warm today, our Company went on Picket tonight the first time for me.

Jed Marum brings the past alive, combining a deep and abiding love for folk/bluegrass and celtic music with a keen interest in history and a talent for storytelling and entertainment.  I first came to know him on KRFC-FM community radio, where his collection Fighting Tigers of Ireland cross-pollinated across genres.  Equal parts Irish and American, Union and Confederate, the acoustic album highlight’s Jed’s unique talents.

More recently, Marum produced the soundtrack for an independent documentary, The Road to Valhalla, featuring Buck Taylor and Michael Martin Murphey.  This is not a story on Sherman’s March, but of the Kansas-Missouri border war further west.  The film is slated to air on PBS soon.

For what it’s worth, Mr. Murphey is my Youtube sensation, drawing over 45,000 hits on my poor video of his performance of Cowboy Logic, Bozeman Edition, at Luverne, Minnesota.  He’s playing a sold-out show in Parker, Colorado, tonight, and at Richfield, Utah, Saturday.  My friends back in Minnesota should catch him in Worthington in April.  Quite a guy.



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