Diary of Orrin Brown—Dec 29, 1864

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Diary of Orrin Brown, Savannah, Georgia

Thursday–Dec. 29th

We received orders to go on Picket at 8 AM we packed up and reported at Brig. Head Quarters and were then marched to the picket line about 2 1/2 miles from camp, we had a pretty cold night and there is a high N.W. wind blowing today and quite cool but clear. Meekor is not fit for duty he has been quite unwell for severall days. Read 16 Chapt. in Testament.

Sickness killed more men than battle in the Civil War, at a ratio of 5:3.  Casualties included any of the ways the army lost service of a soldier, including death, sickness, injury, or capture.  Sometimes the records were kept well, other times not so much.



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