Diary of Orrin Brown—Jan 8, 1865

Catlin's Osceola 1838Diary of Orrin Brown, Savannah, Georgia

Sunday–Jan 8th

We found the ground white with frost again this morning and ice in the numerous mudholes around our camp. We were on the road about 7 Oclock marched out 7 miles and haulted about 10 AM behind a line of breastworks. There is quite a chilly wind blowing today. Jim Gifford and I bought an overcoat in Co today. Read 5 Chapt. in Testament today.

William Tecumseh Sherman’s first experience in combat came during the Second Seminole War after graduating from West Point.  The six year conflict began in 1835, when the U.S. government tried to remove the native Seminole.  This included the young warrior Osceola, who was seized under a white flag of truce at a parley and died a prisoner in Ft. Moultrie, at Charleston, SC, in January 1838.

Sherman was posted at Ft. Pierce in Florida in October 1840.  This was irregular warfare, not the sweeping battles of European land armies he had studied at the academy.  The Federal troops spent the mild winters searching out isolated bands of indians scattered throughout the peninsula, retreating to the Coast during the hot humid summers.  The experience would serve him later, chasing Confederate cavalry up and down the Mississippi valley.  In November 1841, Sherman was promoted to First Lieutenant, and served briefly at St. Augustine and Mobile, Alabama.


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