Savannah Stopover Music Festival—3/5-7, 2015


For some reason, Pvt. Orrin Brown neglected his diary on 20 January 1865.  Or perhaps, my ancestor who transcribed his quill to typewriter inadvertently skipped the day.  Either way, a break from the Civil War today.  I’ve never myself been to Savannah, Georgia, nor to either Carolina.  One college friend lives in South Carolina, and I’ve met a few online friends who call the area home.  One of these is Sloan Spencer, host of Country Fried Rock podcast and an editor now on the NoDepression roots music community.

Recently, Sloan posted a link to the upcoming Savannah Stopover Music Festival, taking place 5-7 March 2015, in Savannaha.  The lineup includes a variety of genres of national and local acts en route to SXSW, over 90 bands in all few of whom I recognize save Southern Culture On The Skids.  They’re also involving folks in the local creative economy in promoting the show through ArtRise Savannah, a group working on sustainable growth and the arts in their part of the world.  So not necessarily the sort of Americana I like best, but a neat Think global, Act local, kudos for that sort of thing.



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