Diary of Orrin Brown—Feb 2, 1865

U.S. War Department Map of Portions of Georgia and South Carolina, 1865Diary of Orrin Brown, Sister’s Ferry, Georgia

Thursday–Feb. 2nd

It was a little cloudy this morning and some sign of rain but it has cleared off and is very pleasant, we did not have any company drill today but we had General Inspection and review which took up about 4 hours in the afternoon. We drew 4 days rations of Hardtack, Sugar, Coffee, Salt, Soap and Pepper, and one day of Salt Poark, and Beans, and 1/2 day of Salt Beef. The mail came in tonight but none for me. I read 4 Chapts. in the testament.

As we prepare to leave the great state of Georgia, I wanted to give a shout-out to the GeorgiaInfo website, part of the Digital Library of Georgia hosted by the University of Georgia Libraries.  In particular, the site’s feature on This Day in Georgia Civil War History has been a great resource in understanding some of what was going on around Pvt. Brown on Sherman’s March to the Sea.  Librarians will never let us forget.



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