Diary of Orrin Brown—March 27, 1865

Healy, The Peacemakers, 1868Diary of Orrin Brown, Goldsboro, North Carolina

Monday–Mar. 27th

We had a heavy frost last night but it has been warm and pleasant today. There was another mail came in today but none for me this time. I wrote a letter home today. I do not feel much better yet because I cannot rest nights. The regt. was out on dress parade at 5 PM.

Gen. Sherman arrived at City Point, Virginia, at 6pm on the 27th, to meet with Gen. Grant at his field headquarters.  It just so happened that President Lincoln was in port, aboard the River Queen.  After catching up on recent events, the three agreed to meet again the next day, when they were joined by the generals’ friend Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter, who recorded the event in his journal.

The historic confab on 28 March was the only time during the Civil War that the three met together.  Their topic was the coming peace.  Author Robert L. O’Connell recounts Porter’s notes:

When it came time for the president to speak, he was emphatic about sparing further bloodshed and very willing to give the rebels “the most liberal and honorable terms” for surrender.  When the general demurred that the strategic situation left little choice in the matter, Lincoln, according to Porter, urged them to err on the side of generosity:  “I want no one punished; treat them liberally all round.”

Sherman was back on the train at 4pm on the 28th, likely with maps in hand to guide his troops to Gen. Lee’s back door.



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