Diary of Orrin Brown—April 14, 1865

President's Box at Ford's Theater, 1865Diary of Orrin Brown, New Bern, North Carolina

Friday–Apr. 14th

We had a quite a cool night but it came off warm and pleasant with a gentle S. E. wind we drew our cup of Coffee and a small piece of Salt Poark for our breakfast but did not draw anything at noon. We fried our Poark and some Hardtack and one of the boys had a little ground Coffee so we steaped that and made a good dinner out of it. One of the men that came back with us went to the Hospital today. I read 3 Chapts. There was an order came today for all men that were able to do duty to go to their commands. We drew our cup of coffee and one day of Hardtack tonight. There was about 300 new recruits came in tonight.

On 14 April 1865, President Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, attended a performance of Our American Cousin, at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C.  The date was Good Friday.

After the war, the building was appropriated by the War Department.  The building was restored in the 1960s, due in part to the influence of North Dakota Representative Milton Young.


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