Diary of Orrin Brown—April 25, 1865

The funeral of president Lincoln, New York, April 25th 1865: passing Union SquareDiary of Orrin Brown, New Bern, North Carolina

Tuesday–Apr. 25th

We had a cool night but it came off warm and pleasant. I done a quite a large washing roday 3 shirts one pr drawers one pr socks and two blankets and when I got through I was pretty tired, but I am gaining in health slowly. There was a squad of men left here for the front today and my Corporal friend went with them. I sold the rest of my Lemonade today. The material cost my $1.30 and I sold it for $3.11 I read 5 Chapts. today. We got some dinner today consisting of a pint of Been soup without any Beens in.

Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train left New York City.  The Library of Congress:

In New York City, the funeral procession numbered 60,000 participants. Spectators crowded the streets “standing in a dense human hedge twelve or fifteen people deep,” by one account. Between New York and Albany large crowds congregated in the small towns and cities to witness the train pass. The path of the train between the cities followed the same route, but in reverse, as Lincoln’s journey to Washington for his inauguration as president.



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