Diary of Orrin Brown—April 27, 1865

Funeral car at BuffaloDiary of Orrin Brown, New Bern, North Carolina

Thursday–Apr. 27th

The weather still holds out fine beautifull growing weather. I got a pass and went down to Newberne today. The whole City was trimed in mourning even to the collored people they show great respect for their diliverer from bondage. I went to the Christian Commition rooms and they gave me a book entitled the Soldier of the Cumberland. And a tract The Mothers last words, and some paper and envelopes, some thread, needles and Pins, and they gave me some Religious Papers to read and then gave me 40 more to distribute through camp. I returned to camp about 5 PM just about tired out for it has been a very warm day. There was a few more men came to camp today. I read 9 Chapt. today.

On the 26th, Lincoln’s funeral train had traveled through Albany, where about 60,000 people had paid their respects, then traveled overnight through Upstate New York to Buffalo, where another 100,000 people filed by the casket.  At 10pm, the train departed for Cleveland.

In North Carolina, Gen. Sherman wasted no time in issuing orders for his troops to leave the state and march to Washington, D.C., by way of Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia, starting on the 29th.  Howard’s Army of the Tennessee would march by way of Louisburg and Warrenton.  Slocum’s Army of Georgia would march by way of Oxford, including Union Gen. Jefferson C. Davis and the XIV Corps.  Gen. Terry’s X Corps and Gen. Schofield’s XXIII Corps would stay as garrison troops for the time being.  Strict orders were given that “All foraging will cease.”  Not only did Sherman end his Bummers’ reign, but he also supple 250,000 rations to Gen. Johnston for the paroled Confederate troops’ to begin their own marches home.



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