Neuromancer the Movie

Rumors are surfacing again that William Gibson‘s classic cyberpunk SciFi novel Neuromancer may finally be reaching the big screen.  The 1984 story—winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K. Dick awards—has had far-reaching impact on pop culture as Gibson fleshed out the ideas behind “cyberspace” and “the Matrix.”

You might have heard a bout a little movie series based on that last term, drawing heavily from Gibson’s prognostications. Even earlier, Keanu Reeves gave a preview of his role as Neo in the film version of Gibson’s 1981 short-story “Johnny Mnemonic”.

Many have tried and failed to adapt the Neuromancer dystopia.  Let’s hope this one’s a go.

P.S. Congrats to author N.K. Jemisen on her 2nd Hugo award for The Obelisk Gate, sequel to last year’s Hugo winner The Fifth Season, itself due for a TV adaptation.  The 3rd novel in the series, The Stone Sky, is now on your favorite bookseller’s shelves (and on my library wish list).  Both science fiction and fantasy authors, Gibson and Jemisen, are outspoken critics on social media, but I like their stories anyway.



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