Corb Lund Live at the Launchpad on 2020-03-08

Corb Lund put on an amazing show on Central Avenue–Old Route 66–in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Sunday March 8th, 2020, just before we all went into nation-wide lockdown. Corb has a new album coming out, Agricultural Tragic, and I scored a pre-release copy at the show. Yeah band merch.

Too many “country” artists are all hat and no cattle. Corb was wearing his hat, and he had cattle back at the ranch in Alberta, just north of where my wife grew up in Montana. His album Things That Can’t Be Undone has become just about my favorite album, ever. Or at least most played since it came out in 2015. His 2012 album Cabin Fever is pretty timely for the coming COVID chaos, too.

Local music fan Matt Nida recorded the show right next to us, up in the balcony, and loaded Corb Lund’s 3/8/2020 show on the Internet Archive. So now I can relive the show and you can stream it, since who knows when we’ll be able to see a live show next.

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