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The Reagan I Knew isn't the Reagan You Knew

I am not a fan of biography.  Auto-biography is by definition a biased view and other-biography can never be entirely complete. I’m a map guy, a history guy, a “just the facts, ma’m” kinda Joe Friday guy.  In my world … Continue reading

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On Reagan on HBO

Ronald Reagan is getting the HBO treatment for his 100th birthday.  Eugene Jarecki‘s new documentary “Reagan” debuts on HBO Monday night (7 Feb 2011). The Wall Street Journal is hopeful, asking “Can HBO Get ‘Reagan’ Right?”  Fox News suggests that … Continue reading

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A Reagan 100

Back in college, I found a lot of good resources for Conservative students from the Young America’s Foundation.  This year, YAF is participating in celebrations of President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.  I noticed this announcement for the college crowd, and … Continue reading

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Not my intention to do away with government—Reagan's Legacy 30 Years On

A couple years ago, I wrote about President Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address.  Next month is the 100th anniversary of Regan’s birth, and today is the 30th anniversary of his first inaugural.  I think it’s a good day to revisit those thoughts. To a few … Continue reading

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